Zoning Bylaws

Zoning is a means of dividing land into areas designated for different land uses and densities including the dimensions, siting and size of buildings and structures. Zoning regulates the shape, dimensions and area including the establishment of minimum and maximum sizes of parcels of land that may be created by subdivision.

Zoning provisions are compiled in a zoning bylaw which includes regulations applicable to each zone. Different areas may be subject to different zoning bylaws. Residents can apply to amend a Zoning Bylaw in different ways depending on the size or nature of the desired change (e.g. Re-Zoning, Board of Variance or Development Variance Permit). Regional District staff are available to answer your questions and assist you in interpreting the zoning bylaw.

Current Zoning Bylaws:

Electoral Area E - Sandspit, Moresby Island

Electoral Area D - Graham Island

To obtain this information, complete all applicable information on the Zoning Inquiry Form and fax it to our office at (250) 627-8493 or email to info@sqcrd.bc.ca.