The SQCRD is responsible for land use planning for all unincorporated Electoral Areas within the Regional District. The primary purpose of this service is to encourage growth and manage development in a sustainable manner. The regional district works in the public interest to guide development while balancing the needs of communities with economic, environmental and social consideration to maintain a high quality of life and protect the character of the Skeena-Queen Charlotte Region.

There are two main types of work handled by the Planning Department and they can be categorized as Long Term Planning and Short Term Planning. Long Term Planning includes work with the community on initiatives with a long range focus. The key long range plan for electoral area's for land use is the Official Community Plan. Short Term Planning includes the processing of development applications.

The majority of the Planning work is covered under Part 26 of the Local Government Act, including:

  • Requirements of the Official Community Plan
  • Board of Variance
  • Zoning Regulations
  • Designtaion of Development Permit Applications
  • Development Variance Permits