Special Projects

Mainland Recycling Transfer Station Project

The SQCRD recycling program accepts a large list of recyclable materials including: all types of paper; cardboard; glass; tin cans and all metals; plastic (type 1 through 7) including clamshell packaging;  batteries; tires; paint; solvents; gasoline; some types of pesticides; household hazardous waste; electronics; small appliances; and lights – all of which are at no cost to residents.  Additionally, SQCRD Recycling processes beverage containers from Prince Rupert, Terrace, Kitimat, Stewart and Haida Gwaii.  Under current SQCRD stewardship, volumes have increased from 400 metric tonnes to over 2,400 metric tonnes per year.  

The Recycling Depot is located in Prince Rupert and is an expansive 18,000 ft2 building capable of servicing large volumes of recyclables and dangerous goods.  Unfortunately, this facility operates at limited hours each week according to scheduled shipments and processing of materials. Current hours of operation are Monday – Friday from 8:30AM to 4:30PM and Saturday from 10:00AM to 2:00PM.

Additionally, over the past two years, the City of Prince Rupert and the surrounding region have seen a significant increase in the number of homes sold and development projects taking place, which suggests that there will be a greater need for residential, commercial and industrial recycling services. To that effect, the SQCRD has been increasing capacity levels by roughly 10 per cent a year to meet the growing needs of consumers.

As a result of these recent trends, there is a growing need for increased access so that working professionals, families, children and industry are able to process their recyclables at their convenience.  Therefore, the SQCRD wishes to construct a permanent 24/7 recycling drop-off facility, equipped with drive in convenience and protection from the elements.

Working collaboratively with the City of Prince Rupert’s engineering department, staff determined the most effective way to address the immediate need was to design a 24/7 recycling transfer station on the property of the SQCRD’s existing Recycling Depot.

In order to provide enough space, as well as safe and easy after-hour access, it was determined that locating the station inside the depot boundaries, alongside Kaien Road, would be ideal.  This location provides high visibility, safe location for families with children, easy access for physically impaired persons, and adequate space for multiple vehicle parking. 

The area will be well lit and under video surveillance to monitor compliance with the program, and to provide a certain level of safety to users.  The recycling bins will be located behind an elevated guardrail on a concrete pad. This allows the bin slot openings to be at an average height level for easy, comfortable access.Constructing the recycling transfer station on site at the SQCRD’s recycling depot will allow for better management and oversight of the facility. In addition, locating the recycling transfer station on the same property as the SQCRD’s existing depot will minimize carbon emissions by minimizing hauling and transport to and from each location.

Given that the SQCRD has managed the solid waste and recycling functions for the region for a number of years, it plays an active role in the Recycling Depot’s management and operations. As such, there have not been any feasibility or marketing studies undertaken; rather, the project was identified as a key issue through our daily operations of the depot and the sheer volume of materials that are being processed each day.

Essentially, goals and objectives include: expand the local and regional recycling program; increase community access to recycling services; and, reduce the region’s environmental footprint. When the recycling transfer station project is completed, in conjunction with a new service agreement between the SQCRD and Multi-Materials British Columbia (MMBC), not only would the volume of materials increase significantly, but also the variation of accepted recyclable products.