The Finance Department is responsible for all of the financial reporting requirements of the SQCRD. The fiscal year is the same as the calendar year. The 5-year Financial Plan is finalized by March 31st. The audited Financial Statements are presented to the Board of Directors in April of each year.

The Finance Department handles all of the ongoing and day-to-day financial transactions of the SQCRD, including budgeting, billing and collection of utility accounts, accounts receivable, collection from member Municipalities for Municipal Finance Authority Debt and payroll.



Budget 2017
Budget 2016
Budget 2015
Budget 2014
Budget 2013

Financial Statements

2016 NCRD Audited Financial Statements
2015 SQCRD Audited Financial Statements
2014 SQCRD Audited Financial Statements
2013 SQCRD Audited Financial Statements
2012 SQCRD Audited Financial Statements

2011 SQCRD Audited Financial Statements
2010 SQCRD Audited Financial Statements

Statement of Financial Information (SOFI)

A local government's Statement of Financial Information must be prepared in accordance with the Financial Information Act. The SOFI must be made available for public viewing by June 30 each year and be accessible for the following three years.

2016 SOFI Report
2015 SOFI Report
2014 SOFI Report
2013 SOFI Report
2012 SOFI Report
2011 SOFI Report

Regional Hospital District

2017 Hospital District Budget
2016 Hospital District Budget
2015 Hospital District Budget
2014 Hospital District Budget
2013 Hospital District Budget

For archived documents relating to the SQCRD finance department, please visit the documents section.