The Board

2018 NCRD Board Representation:

Barry Pages, Chair & Director (Village of Masset)
Des Nobels, Vice Chair & Director (Electoral Area A)
Greg Martin, Director (Village of Queen Charlotte)
Urs Thomas, Director (Village of Port Clements)
Dan Franzen, Director (District of Port Edward)
Nelson Kinney, Director (City of Prince Rupert)
Lee Brain, Director (City of Prince Rupert)
Karl Bergman, Director (Electoral Area C)
Michael Racz, Director (Electoral Area D)
Bill Beldessi, Director (Electoral Area E)

The Regional Board of Directors is comprised of two types of representatives – Electoral Area Directors and Municipal Directors. Electoral Area Directors are elected to a three-year term to serve specific unincorporated rural areas. Municipal Directors are first elected to a municipal council for a three-year term and are then appointed by their council to the Regional Board for a one-year term.

The SQCRD Board of Directors include four (4) Electoral Area Directors representing rural residents and six (6) Municipal Directors representing the residents of the municipalities included within the Regional District. The Board meets once per month, every third Friday.

Elected members of the Board are the policy and decision makers for the SQCRD, and staff are responsible for implementing the policies established by the Board.